Dr. Yehudit Aperstein
Dr. Yehudit Aperstein
Dr. Yehudit Aperstein is an assistant professor (aka senior lecturer) at the department of the industrial engineering of the Afeka College of Engineering. Dr. Aperstein is the founder and the head of the Afeka Center for Data Mining and Decision Making (ACDM2).
Dr. Aperstein holds Ph.D. in the Mathematical Economics from the Weizmann Institute of Science and had earned her M.Sc. degree in the Game Theory from the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology. Dr. Aperstein was also a postdoctoral fellow at the Tel-Aviv University and at the Bar-Ilan University where she worked on application of decision-making to finance and economics. The research performed by Dr. Aperstein  had been published in the leading scientific journals and have been presented in a numerous international and national conferences.
The research interests of Dr. Aperstein are focused on the applications of machine learning, text mining, and decision making methods to tough real-life problems. Dr. Aperstein had lead and took part in dozens of the research projects that applied advanced data and text mining techniques in the field of finance and investing, e-commerce, online advertising, opinion mining, healthcare, project management, business process optimization, quality control, social networks, decision support systems. Recently, Dr. Aperstein has been awarded two research grants from the research arms of the Israeli government organizations. 
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